Awarded the Danish Innovation prize 2018

April 26, 2018

We are pleased to be awarded the Danish innovation prize, at the national event. The title was handed over by Søren Pind, the Danish Minister of Science, Technology, Innovation and Higher Education.

The overall day was beyond expectation. It was very delighting to talk to interested and curious people throughout the day about technology and the pros and cons of its impact on society, we have learned a lot.

Patience is key when introducing technology to humans.

Ten strong candidates were present, and we think it is amazing how in spite of the fact of our differences, we had one thing in common, to solve a problem through the use of technology. 

Our vision at ioteelab is the same, enabling technologies for a sustainable and connected future, and we hope that everyone who participated at the event will be a part of that vision. We look forward to the future.