IOTEE Sensor

The smart sensor measures the content of the waste containers, by calculating how much the fill level is from distance measurements.

This smart sensor uses well-proven ultrasonic technology, together with additional data processing in the IOTEE Platform, to ensure the most accurate measurements.

The IOTEE Sensor can be mounted in different types of waste containers, it is rugged, water resistant and offers a long battery life.

iotee ultrasonic sensor black cenital view




Our fill level sensor, accurately measures the filling levels. 

Connectivity options include: LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT and GSM.

Understand your data

The measurements are integrated with data analytics in the Cloud, enabling you to have a clear overview of your costs and savings.



Save up to 40% in fuel costs

With our solution, you can reduce up to 40% the number of times the containers need to be emptied in a year.

Lower CO2 footprint

By reducing the amount of driving for the waste collectors, the CO2 footprint of waste management is lowered.

Cleaner cities, happier citizens

By knowing the fill level of containers, the bins are emptied before the waste overflows, thereby leading to cleaner cities.

Technical specifications


iotee ultrasonic sensor black lateral view


LoRaWAN / Sigfox / NB-IoT / GSM


Up to 10 years


Configurable (Hourly / Daily / etc.)


IP67 Rated




-20  to +70℃





Frequently Asked Questions

Our sensor can be mounted in new bins as well as on existing bins. We offer mounting options for various types of waste containers, to ensure that more waste is being handled in a more efficient way.

The mounting of the sensor can be done in under 5 minutes, in various types of waste containers. Thanks to the quick mounting procedure, it is also easy to replace sensors if that is at any time required.

IOTEE Platform

Ioteelab has developed a custom waste analytics platform for gathering all the data from the fill level sensors. The IOTEE Platform offers advanced analytics for monitoring the collection efficiency and for calculating cost savings.

Waste collection routes are generated automatically including the containers that are full thus, minimizing costs and CO2 emissions.  Using the information provided by our waste analytics system, you can be sure that only full bins are emptied and that bins are not left to become overfilled.

Define your own constraints

Individual constraints can be set up for all the containers configured in the IOTEE Platform. 

For example, which days and what times the waste collection is allowed for a specific container.

The routing algorithm takes the constraints into account when generating the optimized routes, based on the container fill levels.

Optimized route scheduling

Our advanced route scheduling system grants you full control on how your waste collection routes are designed.

Our optimization algorithm generates routes automatically for the containers that are full and nned to be emptied.

The waste collection routes can also be created manually and all routes can easily be modified by adding, removing or changing the container order.


Advanced analytics

Our advanced dashboard and data analytics allows you to be in full control of all the relevant metrics and KPIs.

You can monitor the collection efficiency of the system, get a quick overview of the state of your containers, a preview of the upcoming routes and cost savings calculations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our platform can automatically generate routes, based on the fill level of the containers. The route generation algorithm takes into consideration all the constraints that are defined for the container. Constraints such as collection dates and specific times can be set, for each container.

Our platform is web based and can be accessed by any web browers or mobile device connected to the internet. For the most optimal user experience it is recommended to use a computer.

Our platform is under constant improvement and provides the best experience for understanding and making use of the waste collection data. However, we provide a state-of-the-art external API that is both fast, reliable and scalable.

IOTEE Navigation

The IOTEE Navigation app is a custom developed iot application which is connected to the IOTEE Platform and provides turn by turn route directions to waste collectors and allows them to give feedback on the containers that could not be collected.

The application optimizes the route in real time, always providing the most efficient way of collecting the containers.

Finally, all the waste collection data is translated into analytics in the IOTEE Platform,

Optimized routes

The IOTEE Navigation is synchronized with the IOTEE Platform, offering the routes that were created in the platform.

The route and driving directions are optimized in real-time, based on available traffic information or routing constraints. 


containers pick up route with numbered containers

Modify the route on the go

Garbage collection routes can be modified on the go, when a container needs to be emptied.

The driver can also choose to remove existing containers from the route, if they should no longer be collected.

Turn-by-turn directions

The IOTEE Navigation app offers turn-by-turn directions and voice instructions to guide you to the containers.

The app offers multiple languages, allowing for easy usage and an optimal waste collection strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our app is responsive and can run both an smartphones and tablets supporting Android. An iOS version will also be made available at a later stage.

The primary functionality of the app is to guide waste collectors to all the containers that need be emptied, in the fastest, most optimal way. Secondly, the app measures the collection efficiency and synchronizes this data with the Iotee platform to provide detailed waste collection analytics.